Curb Appeal. It’s one of the most important pieces to successfully selling your home. What your home looks like at first glance when a buyer pulls up is vital and can make or break a deal before the buyer ever gets out of the car.

One thing you definitely don’t want to do is skip over the curb appeal aspect of your home entirely. This can greatly diminish the amount of showings you receive and ultimately the amount of money that you will get for your home. People will know whether they are going to like your home within the first minute of seeing it. That usually means before they even step in the front door. This means curb appeal is HUGE!

I have pulled up to a property showing with a client and the second I stopped the car they told me to, “NOPE, we don’t want to see it!” I replied with, “What do you mean? We didn’t even go in.” They responded with, “It looks like nobody has been here in years. It doesn’t look like the home we want.” The front yard hadn’t been landscaped and the paint was peeling on the front door. The home didn’t look good from the moment we saw it and my clients were quick to make their decision. I tell y’all this story because it is a perfect example about curb appeal and since I don’t want this to happen to you I am going to provide some really easy and cost effective tips to up your curb appeal game. 

The first thing I would do is replace your house numbers. This may seem like a super small replacement or fix but in the mind of a potential buyer it says that you pay attention to small details, so you must have paid attention to the inside of your home too. One important thing to remember is to get numbers that match the style of your home. Modern numbers on a victorian home might look a little bit off so make sure they match your homes architecture and style.

The second tip is to upgrade your lighting on the exterior. Light up your landscaping and front door to create an inviting ambience. Plus, a well lit home provides a sense of security to buyers because lights deter home invasions and robberie. Using solar powered decorative lights to illuminate pathways and flood lights or lanterns to brighten up the front entry and door. 

Finally I would step up your landscaping game. One of the major factors for my clients not wanting to even go inside the house was because the landscaping was horrendous Make sure the grass has been watered, the leaves swept and even if you are not in spring, adding some new colorful flowers will make all the difference in the world! A small price to pay to get maximum dollars for your home. 

Sure, these are only a few tips and tricks but in my opinion these are the most helpful and important for creating the best curb appeal on a budget. Even the smallest things can make the biggest difference to buyers.