Before I get into the answer for this question I want to ask you a couple of questions. Would you ever buy a major product without consulting an expert? Do you think the home buying process is simple?

Real estate agents are an essential piece to the entire real estate process. We are the experts in our field. Nobody studies and works in real estate more than real estate agents. Wouldn’t you want to have an expert by your side through a long and confusing process?

I thought so.

So now, lets talk about the title of this blog, “Should I use an agent to buy a house?”

The short answer is YES but here is the reason why. It has everything to do with agency and who the agent actually “works” for. When a homeowner lists their home with a REALTOR®, in essence that agent “works” for them. Their fiduciary duty is to look out for the sellers best interest. Their job is to get the best deal for their client and in this case is to get the highest price they can for the house. This now leaves the buyer in an awkward position because who is supposed to look out for them.

BINGO! This is why it is important for a buyer to use an agent because using a buyers agent guarantees you have an expert on your side. Plus, our services to you as a buyer are FREE. We are paid by the seller when the deal closes.

The real question now is, “why wouldn’t you use an agent to buy a house?”

  1. Our services are free to you
  2. We look out for your best interest throughout the entire process
  3. We handle all paperwork

And the list goes on and on!

When you are ready to buy a home give me a call and I can help you figure out your first step. I love helping people accomplish their dreams of buying a home!