Making the decision to sell your home is emotional and stressful. But if your preparation and understanding are solid, you won’t have anything to worry about.

The first thing you should do is start making a list of things you know have needed fixing or maintenance for some time but for tons of reasons haven’t been done. 

Once you have thought about everything, leave. Leave the house for the day. Maybe go to the beach or head into town for some shopping. Whatever you do, don’t think about your house. Then as you are heading home, try to imagine yourself searching for a home and your house is one on your list of “Must See’s.” As you pull up to your house, start taking notes.

What does the grass look like? Is the landscaping maintained? How’s the paint? Try to imagine yourself as a buyer and “tour” your home, pointing out anything that draws your eye to it. Just like you would do if you were searching and walking through someone else’s home. This will help you with understanding what needs to be addressed and fixed. 

Sometimes I suggest that my seller get an inspection on the home, that way we know if there is anything substantially wrong with the property. Always remember though, if you get an inspection on your home you are required to disclose it to all potential buyers.

The next two points, agents and listing price, go pretty much hand in hand. I always suggest using a real estate professional when selling your home. 

THIS IS NOT A SALES PLOY. If you decide not to use an agent, that’s your decision and I will still help you, to a certain extent. 

The reason I say to use an agent is because we do this every single day. We are always thinking about real estate, at least I am,  which means we understand what the market is doing and we can put a really good number together for the price of your home. I pride myself on knowing about every home that goes on the market and sells. Having this market knowledge allows for me to have a pretty good understanding of the range in which your home is going to sell in. The one thing you don’t want to do is over or under price your home and that is where an agents expertise comes into play.

REALTORS® also know how to manage all the different timelines that come up in a transaction, from the inspections timeframe to the loan contingency to helping negotiate the request for repairs. All of these things happen within a certain amount of days and if they aren’t handled correctly, confusion may set in and then it could turn ugly.

So, before you make a HUGE mistake. Give me a call and see how I can help you!